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[17 Dec 2020|01:08pm]

100 movies on 2011 )
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[28 Jul 2011|04:23pm]
My DVD list - for my own reference - not completed )
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[07 Jul 2011|06:45pm]
Um excuse me while I fangirl. Xavier Samuel and Sam Worthington in the THE SAME MOVIE!!??!? My life is complete.
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[26 May 2011|12:26pm]
my favorite Glee couples!!! )
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[17 May 2011|09:20pm]
This is me, being proud of myself because I made animated gifs! WARNING: male/male love AND spoilers for Game of Thrones 1x05. Don't click on them if you haven't seen the episode and you don't want to be spoiled.

Xavier Samuel laugh
Xavier Samuel marriage
Game of Thrones: Loras on his knees
Game of Thrones: Loras giving flower
Game of Thrones: Renly "o"...sort of
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[30 Apr 2011|03:28pm]
Choose two characters and tell us where you think they would be in ten years.

Rylan Sanborne. He'd be 28. Psychologist. Married. Kids. A dog. He was always more of a talker than a do'er, but now that he is older, he would have matured a lot. He'd give lectures to any teens who came to see him. It could go different ways. If he met up with his first crush again, I think he would have chased after her. She was the only girl who didn't put up with his shit. She was the first girl that won him over completely. But if he hadn't, he would have married someone that he DIDN'T go to school with because he was embarrassed about his past, about who he was. He would have a much better relationship with his mother and I think he would have understood the things she did and apologized for ever constant arguments with her. I think he'd have one of those families (parents and sisters and their family included) where they get together every Friday for dinner. All happy. And his mistress is Jamie Fry

Ethan Delaney. Ethan is a tough one. I think he would still be a football lover and even played it in college. I think he would have kept his homosexuality quiet through college just so he could play football without any problems. I think in ten years he'd be single, enjoying life. I don't think he would have ever chosen to settle down, not with his past relationships. I think he'd be too angry for that and just had one night stands. I think his occupation would be a football commentator or something.
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[18 Mar 2011|06:18pm]
Current/Past Characters )
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[13 Feb 2011|07:26pm]
PBs who look like they are related )
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[01 Feb 2011|05:12pm]

Mark Salling Alex Pettyfer Sebastian Stan Boyd Holbrook
Zac Efron Nolan Gerard Funk Cory Monteith Cam Gigandet
Chace Crawford Matt Lanter Kellan Lutz Xavier Samuel
Garrett Hedlund Allan Hyde Hunter Parrish Tom Sturridge
Penn Badgley Alexander SkarsgÄrd
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